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Call Center Services


Inbound | Incoming Call

Inbound Call Center service is used as an important communication for every company, regardless of the sector, within the scope of customer relations.

Inbound (Incoming Call) Service:

  • Assessing customer demands and offering solutions meeting customer expectations.
  • Informing the customer on the products and guiding them in line with our partners’ needs.
  • Solving product related problems and offering customer-oriented solutions with our know-how.
  • Informing the customer on the sales point. Contacting at the right place via the right channel and provide the most effective communication to them.
  • Coordinating the service guidance for product related problems, with a professional team.
  • Carrying out customer specific marketing activities.
  • Providing 7/24 professional service for the customer, with communication facilities such as telephone, fax, e-mail, letter, sms.
  • Ensuring communication between call center performance, companies and customers.
  • After-sales support
  • Help support/technical line
  • Order line
  • Giving data input, information and service changes.
  • Call forwarding, secretary service.
  • Offering sevices like marketing and collecting on phone.


Outbound Call Center Service is the unit where customers or users express and report problems and problems about the companies. Outside calls come from call center personnel, they assist in gaining customers, selling and customer satisfaction.

Outbound  Service:

  • Address update
  • Tele sale.
  • Marketing campaign management.
  • Collection
  • Lead
  • Market analyses.
  • Market survey.
  • Measuring customer satisfaction.
  • Informing corporate and private customer.
  • Private or corporate company introduction.
  • Collecting transactions.
  • Collecting payment information.

Video Call Service

Video Call Center Differentiates your service and offers privileges to your employees and you need to perform your transactions easily in confidence and quality.


• They want to quickly connect to the unit they receive support and find a solution.

• Thanks to the Video Customer Call Center Service, the level of security and quality is easy and practical.

Customer Service

Order line, Call forwarding, Secretary services, Telemarketing, Collection calls, Market analysis, Corporate and individual customer information, Collection transactions, Help desk / technical line, Data entry, giving information and service changes, Marketing campaign management, Measuring customer satisfaction, Lead generation, market research, collection payment information.