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0850 480 77 77

About Us

With over 20 years of industry experience
We have served more than 150 companies and institutions.

The quality of service we provide for companies and institutions working with us, our sectoral expertise, customer satisfaction, and the adoption of the work of our staff working in this field have brought Bluecom to this point.


Bluecom Contact Center is a company focused strategically on call center field.

In today’s business world with increasing product variety and competition accordingly in market and customer satisfaction coming at first place, company’s should develop or maybe completely change their perspective to sales-marketing activities and service manner. With Bluecom contact center, founded with a professional infrastructure, call center services offered for you is as below.

With contact center services of Inbound, Outbound, Sms, Mail, Fax,  Hp Support (Support Line) you can reach your target audience at the right place via the right channel, ensure the most effective contact with them and service with %100 customer-satisfaction oriented working principle. Bluecom contact centers take on the call center services of customers, serve for 7/24 and provide professional service to customers. It offers contact means such as telephone, fax, e-mail, web, letter, sms to your service at professional position.

Bluecom contact center is a company that gives 7/24 external call center service equipped with the cutting-edge technology with its’ professional team.

With its’ call center services service areas, Bluecom contact center provides service to domestic and foreign companies of their own sectors in various languages (German, English, Turkish, French and Arabic). With its’ international fund of experience and customer-oriented portfolio, Telecommunication, Automotive and Media companies are some of the sectors of service area of Bluecom.